OneHybridCloud Synergy

Unprecedented Agility, Protection and Efficiency

We Make it Easier to Deploy Physical and Virtual Production Apps in the Cloud
Our software automates most if not all critical processes for the deployment of Linux and Windows apps into the cloud. Our One Hybrid Cloud(TM) platform allows the cloud to become a seamless extension of the data center, with development labs and production environments being remarkably similar. Unprecedented synergy across departments and environments in the cloud creates new levels of agility, protection and efficiency.

Agility: Key processes are automated with the use of menus and buttons, from detecting and blueprinting the OS and app at the kernel level, to the extension of critical LDAP and Active Directory services necessary to support production environments in the cloud.

Protection: By automating key migration processes, including the extension of critical authentication and security services, the cloud becomes an ideal “pay as you go” DR environment for production apps. The cloud supports enhanced RTOs and RPOs as well as frequent dry runs, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. You deploy apps in cloud storage, update them as frequently as needed, then push them into production during outages.

Efficiency: Because development and production environments in the cloud are virtually identical, it becomes much easier to develop, create and deploy apps when and where needed, without the costs and risks associated with traditional data center environments.

Automation Without Compromise
CloudVelocity offers the only fully automated solution for deploying multi-tier apps and services into the cloud without modification or virtualization. Critical authentication services (including LDAP and Active Directory) are integrated with the apps in the cloud, enabling hybrid cloud operating models and powerful new use cases, including cloud migration and integration, disaster recovery and DevTest/DevOps.

The OHC ProcessCloudVelocity automates critical hybrid cloud infrastructure processes — from discovering the constituent hosts to replicating and provisioning and launching groups of systems — all with drag and drop menus. CloudVelocity also extends the enterprise data center to the Cloud so that these distributed multi-tier applications can access any necessary services residing back in the enterprise.